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Artificial Intelligence: A powerful tool for mental health crisis

Mental health crisis is a matter of huge concern in recent times where one-fourth of the adult population is estimated to be affected by mental disorders. Depression alone affects roughly 300 million people around the globe, as stated by World Health Organization. Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers multiple opportunities to people suffering from mental disorders. Computational Psychiatry and specialized chatbots for counselling and therapeutic services are the two emerging fields where AI is expected to yield the biggest benefit. Computational Psychiatry combines multiple levels and types of computation with multiple types of data to improve understanding, diagnostics, prediction and treatment of mental disorders. Besides, AI can help researches discover physical symptoms of mental illness and track within the body the effectiveness of various interventions. Moreover chatbots provide immediate counselling services to the patients at a cost which is lower than seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist. This has expanded the coverage to a broader circle of people who require treatment. Thus the development of AI for mental health promises better access and better care at a cost that won’t break the bank. Read more at:

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Monday, 30 November 2020
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