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Criminals making felonious use of Artificial Intelligence

Cyber criminals, also known as hackers, use computer systems to access business and personal information for malicious purposes. There is no doubt that criminals are the most creative people in the world and the development of Artificial Intelligence has only made them stronger. Since the tutorials and tools for its development is widely available in the public domain, AIs use for attacking purpose is hugely unrestrained. Machine learning poisoning is one of the ways for criminals to circumvent the effectiveness of AI. Today we live in a world of chatbots. Most people do not realize how much personal information AI-driven bots may know about them, which makes them easy prey for experienced cybercriminals. Moreover criminals could harness machine learning technology to sift through huge quantities of stolen records of individuals to create more targeted phishing emails. However the biggest fear remains in the fact that the fully unstoppable AI creature will seize the world one day. Thus AI security abuse must be prevented and humans being much better than machines must understand its cause and effect. Read more at:

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Monday, 30 November 2020
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