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How Robots are Still Behind Us

In today’s world, where technology is playing an important role, most of us fear about future. It has been noticed how robots have already stated taking place of humans resulting in humans to lose their jobs. Not only in factories but robots have also taken over sports, medicine and more. However, we humans do have some skills that is tough for robots to beat us in. Below are few of them:

  1. Creativity: A piece of art, music, a new recipe and more reflects our creativity. Thus, even though robots can replicate what already exist, it still fails to create something new.
  2. Physical Skills: There are some routine jobs which needs to be done quickly and involve out flexible physical skills. Though robots are developing yet they haven’t reached the stage where they could help us in doing our routines.
  3. Empathy: Now a days, robots can successfully analyse our emotions but a small change of ton still confuses the program. That empathy, caring nature is still missing.
  4. Flexibility: Few decisions are needed to be made from our gut feeling. However, robots miss that. They are only able to make decisions from the data that they have read.
  5. Technical Maintenance: Robots are still machines. They require planning, designing, implementation and management. These skills can only be provided by humans. Maintenance can only be done by humans. 

In the end, even though robots can take over few of our jobs, still they will always work under us rather than against us. 



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Saturday, 08 August 2020
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