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How to leverage Intent Data

Intent data is used to demonstrate when the prospect exhibit propensity to buy. To understand the traits and interests of the audience a target market profile is created. B2B external intent data help customers by identifying which accounts are showing surging interest surrounding a particular topic and eliminates the guesswork. Surge data, combined with intent data, creates a powerful synergy. A direct correlation between buyer's motives and content sets the stage for a huge competitive advantage. To leverage the collection of intent data and create better content, correlate it with other demographic, firmographic and geographic data. Intent data target all range of buyers across an organization to tailor content specifically. It gives a lead to present solution and content to prospects with a more precise customer profile match. Leverage intent data in your content marketing and syndication to increase your chances of becoming an industry leader. Read more at :


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Friday, 14 August 2020
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