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Journey to Agile

I found this interesting article which described transformation to Agile using a metaphor of the train's journey. Source and destination points are described as process initiation phase and successful completion of the process. An agile coach is the driver of the train which leads the transition. This approach made sure that Agile coaches were available at the right time and helped coaches transforming 800-900 individuals per year with the help of 10 agile coaches. There were certain steps followed by each team- Agile introduction workshop, Management Start-up, Training and Start-up, Warm-up, Ongoing support, and evaluation. But this metaphor was used in the starting days of Agile. In the present time, we need something faster than a train. So, how about a racing car? Why? Because, it’s fast and will help the team in understanding the need to respond rapidly to changes. Read more at: :


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Wednesday, 30 November 2022
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