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Micro-content learning


One compact, focused and holistic approach for enhancing skills and developing the knowledge base of any newbie learner is micro learning. It makes any business context valuable in the ways by which it provides the right amount of information necessary to enable a learner to achieve their specific objectives and goals. Microlearning processes takes place either through evolving structures like weblog postings or social bookmark managers on the World Wide Web or through interface with micro content in designed media settings. Broadly speaking, it is used to describe the way people are actually doing informal learning and gaining knowledge based on Web 2.0 and wireless web technologies, in micro-content, multitasking environment and micro-media. Some of its vivid characteristics involve variety in the microlearning contents like game, video, quiz and so on; its granularity in narrow topics and concepts and brevity.  The benefits of microlearning spread over its capability in acquiring just-in-time learning and effective and varied learning. With its focus on isolated portions of learning, it is not so great when trying to connect incongruent elements of it into one consistent picture.

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Saturday, 19 September 2020
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