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Qualities of a good game designer

In recent times game designing has become a very demanding job. Here are a few things required to be a good game designer:-

 Essential skills include basic knowledge of coding, solving problems and a have great encyclopaedic knowledge (i.e. they should be aware of different cultures, religions and philosophies).

Good communication skills are of utmost importance in this job. Collaborating and cooperating with teammates it is very important. The game designer is a mediator between the graphic designers and the story writers. Thus, it is essential to respect their ideas and vision.

Learning to take negative feedback is the key to success. The audience is the real judge of the game so their opinions about the game, whether positive or negative, should be taken sportingly.

Having a deeper insight into game mechanics is also crucial. It is important to know what elements are loved by people and which elements are to be avoided.


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Friday, 25 September 2020
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