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reCaptcha V3: Boon or Curse?

Google’s internet bot detector has evolved over the years from Captcha to reCaptcha to reCaptcha V3. Now, no more boxes need to be checked, nor is identifying objects or alphabets required. Studying the way an individual navigates through a website, conclusions can be drawn on it being a bot or not. This improvement however comes in at the cost of the user’s privacy. According to a researcher, Google uses cookies to identify whether a user is a bot or not; the same cookies which enable us to open new tabs and open accounts without the need of logging in everytime. Another researcher however states that a browser connected with a Google account is more secure than the one which isn’t. Hence, although security is gained, more of the user’s data is also going into the hands of Google. Read more at:

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Wednesday, 03 June 2020
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