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Revolutionizing Indian Agriculture with digital farming tools

Since the emergence of Green Revolution in the 1960s, Indian policies have focused on ensuring national food security. However the small and the marginal farmers suffered a lot as the Green Revolution policies failed to increase their income. This has resulted in an increase in farm indebtedness and distress leading to farmer suicides all over the country. Over the last few decades Indian agriculture has seen massive technological developments and opportunities. The recent policies focus on increasing farmer incomes through digital innovations to give the farmers greater access to technology, risk management, finance and markets. Digital innovations enable the farmers to have credits at lesser risk and cost. Digital extension services provide real-time advice to farmers .Among the innumerable obstacles faced by Indian farmers, some include distance from the market, dependence on moneylenders for access to capital, huge cost of transportation, etc. Digital solutions are seen as a way to overcome these obstacles by providing farmers transparency and unmediated market access. Thus digital innovations are greatly helpful in improving farmers’ livelihoods and Indian Agriculture as a whole by making it more market-oriented. Read more at:

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Tuesday, 19 January 2021
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