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Stop That Data Breach!

Data is the utmost important thing for any company or individual. Data Breach is an incident that happens when sensitive, confidential or otherwise protected data is been accessed or disclosed in an unauthorized manner. Many companies intentionally or unintentionally expose and leak consumers and commercial data. According to the Breach Level Index (BLI), many organizations fails to safeguard their databases. 

For any person or company, any such incident can be confusing. In such situation, there is a need of a standard policy which must be followed. Following are few steps one should consider in order to save guard the data in case you are at risk:

  1. Isolate – Isolate the machine from rest of the network if a particular hardware is on risk.
  2. Document – It is important to keep detailed records of everything you do from the moment data breach is discovered.
  3. Photograph – Photographs can help in solving digital data breach.
  4. Interview – Any person directly or indirectly involved with the systems that were breached should be interviewed.
  5. Use Your Knowledge – Learn and take steps.

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Monday, 14 June 2021
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