ROPIO Foundation

ROPIO Foundation

Another chapter added to the Light and Love initiative by SigmaWay!

Rather, not just a chapter in our book but the beginning of a long-term friendship with around 50 kids of ROPIO Foundation. This is what the SigmaWay team did on 22nd April.

Kids love surprises and we wish to lighten their lives with our small surprises. This Saturday, we visited ROPIO Foundation at Ramesh Nagar, Delhi. It's a place where kids from under privileged sections of the society learn, live, laugh and grow together. There, we organized a lot of activities for the kids that brought out their special talents. We had quizzes, puzzles, jokes, dance, singing, drama, drawing, playing guitar and much more. Each of them participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. As it was also Earth Day, we also discussed with them the importance of respecting our mother Earth and using its resources judiciously. Children also drew what they thought was good and bad for earth and explained it to everyone. All of us had a lot of fun. And to keep this fun a part of their everyday lives in the form of sports, we distributed badminton sets to all the kids.

Their smiles and their laughter are saved in our memories. We are happy to share some of them in the form of pictures and videos here.


Here's cheers to the everlasting friendship between us all. Let's continue to spread light and love and make this world a better place.




24 April 2017


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