N. P. Co-ed. sr. secondary school

N. P. Co-ed. sr. secondary school

In the hopes of continuing the legacy of helping underprivileged students, We at Sigmaway decided to donate books to N. P. Co-ed. sr. secondary school, lodhi estate as a part of or CSR Activity. We believe in giving back  to the society In a way we see fit and spread Light and Love among everyone.

Instead of just donating the books to school’s library we were given the opportunity to give a session on Career guidance. The session was very interactive and the response from students was very overwhelming.  Various topics were discussed such as What is Sigmaway and what they do?  What after school? Why meetups are important? Is Hacking really legal? How is coworking shaping the future? Why Time Management is Important? Etc. Students from various streams were present in this session and all the doubts were cleared to the best of our abilities.  This event could not have been possible or successful without the contributions of School authorities . They welcomed us with enthusiasm. Our Sigmaway team had a great time interacting with leaders of tomorrow.

“ We are not given a good or a bad life. We are given a life. It’s upto us to make it good or bad”.  We all have heard this but these students are working hard to make their life good. Not coming from very financially sound backgrounds these students are filled with enthusiasm and We believe that it is students like them who conquer the world with their “Can DO ” spirit. We feel blessed to interact with such souls.



24 August 2017


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