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  1. Containers are a popular solution for running software in a new environment, like a testing environment. They “contain” the entire runtime environment, including an application, all its dependencies, its configuration files, and its libraries. Containers are superior to virtualization in many ways, since they involve fewer components and can be run with far fewer resources. […]

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  2. Harvard Business Review authors Julie Shah and Neel Shah have written an article on the benefits of big data in the COVID-19 crisis. They say that big data could be vital to our fight against the disease. “How can we get there? We believe the answer lies in computation. We need to put as much […]

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  3. Cloud technology is creating a number of amazing changes in the way we live. Many of these trends are predicated on new advances in artificial intelligence. One of the biggest ways that AI-driven cloud developments are important is with greater IT security. Cloud AI technology is going to be more important in stopping the growing […]

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  4. The education technology market is growing at a remarkable pace. One study found that it was worth $55 billion in 2019. Growth in the education technology market is largely attributed to advances in big data. In our progressive world, Big Data is a social and economic phenomenon that is associated with the rapid development of […]

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  5. From big businesses to smaller operations, predictive software and analytics tools provide immeasurable benefits. Through the ingestion and application of various data points, predictive tools can explain precisely what’s coming with unprecedented accuracy. They can also pour over massive troves of information to reveal hidden insights, potential opportunities and more.  With predictive analysis being so […]

    The post 5 Ways Predictive Analytics Impact Distribution appeared first on SmartData Collective.

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