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  1. Bumble has stepped up its efforts to provide a safe dating space for users by banning body-shaming on the app. The app will use an algorithm to flag derogatory comments about someone’s appearance. “This includes language that can be deemed fat-phobic, ableist, racist, colorist, homophobic or transphobic,” the company said in a statement. Human moderators will then review the offending account. People who’ve use the language in their profile or on Bumble’s chat function will first receive a warning for their behavior. Repeated incidents or particularly harmful comments will result in a permanent ban. If the derogatory language has slipped through…

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  2. One of my favorite longburn stories over the past couple of years is the Apple privacy drive. It’s a winding narrative, but the easiest way to sum it up is the company has made privacy one of its leading products. This has been bubbling away in the background for some time, but hit fever pitch recently with the launch of iOS 14. You can read more about the specifics of the Apple privacy offensive in its latest iPhone software here, but there’s one update that’s particularly relevant to the state of things today: app tracking and data. To put it…

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  3. The European Union is reportedly working on plans to help fund electric vehicle (EV) battery production within the bloc to prevent potential dominance from China. According to reports, the EU looks set to commit $3.5 billion to 42 companies, including Tesla, BMW, and Stellantis, to support them with Europe-based battery development and production. The EU Commission has approved the project, which will run until 2028. [Read: How Netflix shapes mainstream culture, explained by data] It seems the EU is intent on supporting the burgeoning EV market in the region to prevent China-based manufacturers acquiring too much dominance. At present, some…

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  4. This article was originally published by Christopher Carey on Cities Today, the leading news platform on urban mobility and innovation, reaching an international audience of city leaders. For the latest updates follow Cities Today on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, or sign up for Cities Today News. London hit the target of adding 300 more electric vehicles (EV) rapid charging points to its network before the end of 2020, bringing the total number of rapid chargers in the UK capital to over 500. The chargers, which are primarily used by commercial vehicles such as taxis and delivery drivers, are designed…

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  5. Funding is one of the biggest challenges in the entrepreneurial journey. Navigating the world of venture capitalists and storytelling is no easy feat, especially when looking for your first seed round or a million-dollar investment. Not to mention, against the backdrop of COVID-19 and a heavily disrupted investment sphere, early-stage founders now face an even more complex road to securing funding.  The business landscape has no doubt changed for good because of the pandemic; there are more opportunities to respond to new customer needs and get ahead of the curve for future usage trends. Founders who know there is a…

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