Win the inbox
    • Gmail’s recent broad rollout of promotions tab bundles will reward good, engaging emails with more opportunities to solidify that engagement.
    • FeedBlitz is helping you make the most of that opportunity, out of the box, today, by making every email we send bundle-ready with a featured image.

    Here’s how this gives you competitive advantage: The vast, vast majority of emails in the promotions tab are not bundle-ready, so with FeedBlitz your emails are suddenly way ahead of the competition.

    Standing Out from the Promotions Tab Crowd

    This matters because gmail owns the bulk of consumer emails right now, and so being able to stand out within gmail itself is a huge competitive advantage for mailers.…

  1. Gif showing how you can zoom in on the geographic data, from choosing the country (US) to the state (Virginia).

    Zoom in to discover where your emails are being read.

    A great new feature offering more insight into your subscribers is now available with every email send and monthly insight report:

    Geographic data on engagement stats.

    And not just the numbers, the team went a step further and added a mapping feature for visual representation.

    Screenshot of the geographic data available in the mailing dashboard showing a country map on the left and data text on the right.

    A new way to look at the behaviors of your subscribers, the maps and corresponding data show where your audience is when they open or click your emails. Take a bird’s eye view by looking at countries, or zoom in to drill down for specific regions and/or cities.…

  2. Map showing various pins in different locations across the Mid-West, North East and Southern United States.

    There’s more to running a remote company than keeping up with technology.

    You probably didn’t plan on taking your company 100% online, but yet – here you are.

    Under normal circumstances, companies who shift to being fully remote plan for weeks, sometimes even months before taking the leap. During that time, they’re working to retain both team management and company culture. However, in our current circumstances, most companies weren’t able to put these types of plans and strategies in place before closing offices and sending their teams home with laptops in tow.

    Getting through the initial hurdle of suddenly moving everything (and everyone!)…

  3. Cheerful curly-haired daughters having fun with daddy while he's trying to work on his laptop.

    If you’re like the rest of us, distractions seem to be at an all-time high.

    Nothing is normal. Whether there are more people at home, you have to homeschool on top of your career, or you’re struggling with worry, everyone is busy. These circumstances zap your time, energy, and focus.

    And when your attention span is spread thin, it’s hard to dedicate any time you may have towards emailing and nurturing your subscribers. But have no fear! It’s at times like this when automation and getting crafty with your content can become your best email marketing friends.

    3 time and energy saving strategies to keep your email marketing active

    1. Automatically email new blog posts to your mailing lists.
  4. A laptop showing a video call full of coworkers.

    Finding your ideal work from home rhythm isn’t as easy as you may think.

    When pajamas replace business casual, the fridge is now just a short walk away, and Netflix marathons are streaming on TV – working remotely from home can sound like a dream come true.

    Shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders have shifted the work cultures for many offices, both big and small. For some, working remote is the ideal setting for maximum efficiency. But for a majority of those who’ve transitioned to make-shift home offices, you’re probably discovering it’s more of a tough adjustment than you had expected.

    You’ve probably read a ton of remote working tips post.…


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