Companies want to have an edge using analytics but struggle due to unavailable technologies, outdated software, cumbersome systems, complex integrations coupled with huge costs in infrastructure and personnel. The cloud has transformed the way organizations look at big data and analytics solutions. It has been predicted that investment in cloud over the next five years will grow threefold. • Open source platforms like Apache Spark provide simple and fast data processing capabilities. These though powerful, due to expensive hardware, long lead times are difficult to deploy. The cloud allows immediate usage of open source platforms without initial investments.
• Cloud -based software are user friendly, simple to grasp and sort in comparison to on premise counterparts and release cycles are shorter.
• Cloud-based analytics provide a platform where hard business problems can be effectively tackled.
• Processing and extracting data are easy from a synced centralized location.
• Better connectivity leads to better productivity, deployment of data pipeline is easy. Read more at: