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STAR Program FAQs

1. Who is eligible for the STAR Program?

Enthusiastic self-driven students pursuing an undergraduate or post graduate degree in a college / university in any discipline are eligible.

2. How do I apply to STAR Program?
3. What’s the application process?
4. When will I hear about my status of my application?
5. Can I re-apply?
6. Will I receive an acknowledgement of my application by e-mail?
7. What kind of trainings programs are provided by SigmaWay?
8. If I am pursuing a 5 year degree, am I still eligible for the STAR Program?
9. Is there a minimum duty time required to be part of the program?
10. Do I get paid for being a STAR@SigmaWay?
11. What happens when I graduate from school?
12. How long is the time commitment?
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