A decade ago Google is the only platform predominantly present in the digital media section. It was the only online business development platform. Later on Facebook developed their simpler interface and using their huge popularity and reach finally put a step on the market. Clara Shih, who founded an enterprise software company called Hearsay Social in 2009 and serves on the board of Starbucks, uses her book as a plea and a guide to help business executives and professionals become productively involved in their firm’s social business and digital strategy. She has eventually analysed all the red flags, opportunity and diversity in this digital media section and how online PR, social media and mobile messaging empowers every business enterprise. To know more about her entrepreneurial insight, follow: http://www.forbes.com/sites/kathleenchaykowski/2016/04/26/why-social-media-is-everyones-business-yours-included/#1bfc33753214