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Internship Description: SigmaWay offers numerous opportunities for internship especially in analytics, market intelligence and new product development.It provides excellent exposure to different domains like Banking and Financial Services , Healthcare and Human Capital Management.The intern gets an opportunity to work in teams and get hands on experience on the latest collaboration tools.

Time Period: The internship period is usually designated by the university the intern is attached to. We do not offer internships for periods less than 45 days.The intern is expected to put in 40 hours a week unless otherwise agreed with the SigmaWay team. 

Location: The great thing about our internship is that you can be located anywhere in the world. You must willing to work in mutually acceptable time zones for your team mates and be willing to attend SigmaWay meetings. As long as you have a good laptop or desktop and have access to skype and a high-speed internet connection (min. 2Mbps) you meet our technology requirements for working on a virtual team. For projects on analytics we suggest a desktop or laptop purchased post 2009 having a minimum of 1GB RAM.

Remuneration: SigmaWay does not offer any stipend.Depending on location of the intern and duration of internship we offer the intern our class room based lean training or e-learning based lean training free of cost. SigmaWay may ask its interns to participate in marketing exercises and share the revenue generated.

Internship Project: Complete one or more major projects assigned to your team in analytics, market intelligence or product development.In addition create blog summaries of relevant articles on the SigmaWay website and update forums with relevant queries and responses.

Who is eligible? 

Any one who has completed a graduation course in Statistics, Mathematics or Economics, students pursuing a Bachelor's or Master's course in Software Engineering/Computer Sciences. Students or professionals who are familiar with animation softwares may also apply. If you are not sure about your eligibility fill out our internship application and we will get back.

The internship is also a great way to get hands on experience on new tools hence if you are a professional looking to pick up new skillsets please apply and Sigmaway will be happy to evaluate your candidature.


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