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Artificial Intelligence: A powerful tool for mental health crisis

Mental health crisis is a matter of huge concern in recent times where one-fourth of the adult population is estimated to be affected by mental disorders. Depression alone affects roughly 300 million people around the globe, as stated by World Health Organization. Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers multiple opportunities to people suffering from mental disorders. Computational Psychiatry and specialized chatbots for counselling and therapeutic services are the two emerging fields where AI is expected to yield the biggest benefit. Computational Psychiatry combines multiple levels and types of computation with multiple types of data to improve understanding, diagnostics, prediction and treatment of mental disorders. Besides, AI can help researches discover physical symptoms of mental illness and track within the body the effectiveness of various interventions. Moreover chatbots provide immediate counselling services to the patients at a cost which is lower than seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist. This has expanded the coverage to a broader circle of people who require treatment. Thus the development of AI for mental health promises better access and better care at a cost that won’t break the bank. Read more at:

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Predictive Analytics helping retailers in customer retention

Predictive Analytics make predictions about the future events based on current data. These days retailers use it to determine the future needs of the customers. The biggest challenge faced by retailers today is customer retention. Predictive Analytics is bringing about a huge change in the retail experience altogether. Eminent retailers like Amazon is using predictive analytics to make customer recommendations based on purchasing history. Furthermore, development in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is boosting its use. These developments in turn are helping the retailers gain a competitive edge. However tech giants like Google, Microsoft tend to keep the cutting-edge innovations for them. The new and innovative predictive analytics must level the playing field for small medium industries. Read more at:

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Artificial Intelligence-Is Humanity under threat?

With Google describing it as “Intelligence exhibited by machines’’, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of a machine to think and learn smartly like humans. With its extensive use in business, industries, healthcare, it has become an indispensable part of our lives, making it fun and easy. With the world pacing rapidly, can we think of day in our lives without a Google assistant or a Siri or an Amazon Alexa? AI has the potential of bringing about changes and development that is beyond human imagination. However it remains highly doubtful if AI can solve issues like poverty and epidemics. AI can be a potential job destroyer boosting unemployment and inequality. Having said that, we should remember that nothing can beat human understanding and problem solving skills. Afterall we live in a world where relationship is the priority. By keeping us updated and gaining the necessary knowledge we can definitely survive in a world of transformational change! Read more at:

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Decoding the Mystery of Perfect Ads!

Advertisement is one of the major ways through which businesses can attract customers. A lot of money and time is invested in order to create ads. However, these days a helping hand has come for rescue and is successfully able to attract customers by presenting customized ads. Machine Learning Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning have come into play. With the help of these technologies, customized ads can be created based on the current searches done by customer. For example, you recently searched for “affordable mobile phones”. These learning algorithms tracks it down and soon starts displaying mobile phones ads presented by various companies. Other than that, Data Mining also plays an important role in this. Among various data that is available on world wide web, data mining algorithms browser and stores valuable data. 

Read more about this at


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Initial steps into AI for your enterprise

May be your organisation has just started to step into AI, but don’t worry its not too late. It takes plenty of time to embed a good helpful AI into the organisation and there’s no scope of mistake. Giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft have implemented AI at early stages because they have plenty of data and plenty of resources. For any organisation it is important to find the best suitable aspect for AI implementation which will provide benefit at most. 



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Where are we? – Advancement in AI

The pace at which technology is moving is unmatchable. Every day some advancement in technology comes into lime light. Among the various fields in technology, one of the major and trending technology is AI. It is growing each day and proving to be a solution in many applications. Below are the 10 areas where Artificial Intelligence can be noticed:

  1. Robots predicting the future
  2. Robot Soldier
  3. Survival Robots
  4. Police using AI algorithms to predict crimes
  5. AI-based medical treatment
  6. Autonomous drones and weapons
  7. Supercomputers with imaginations
  8. AI communicating with AI
  9. AI hackers
  10. AI in court

Every thing in this world have a positive side and a negative side. Similarly, a few cases have been there where Artificial Intelligence have gone wrong. However, chances of improvements are always there. 

To know more about these 10 areas and other uses visit:


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Bringing Artificial Intelligence in Business

Now a days, companies are investing a huge amount of money in Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Robotics etc in order to be up to date with technology. However, still there are few limitations that each of them faces. Even after adopting various technologies, the reports stated that the company still struggles in defining goals. Below are the five steps that companies must follow in order to improve and to meet their expectation for automation technology:

  1. Recognize that the use of intelligent automation is transformative, and built on the use of new machines and data sources
  2. Formulate a comprehensive approach to automating the service delivery model
  3. Measure value vs. risk
  4. Consider the “operating model” in all forms
  5. Disrupt from within

Bringing innovation in always good but it is also suggested to look for other alternatives for investment as not all technologies proves to be powerful for a company.

Read more about it at


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Finding Data!

Data is very important for various technologies. Whether it be Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning, Data analysis or Research work, Data is mandatory to implement them. However, the task of finding right data is very tedious and time consuming. One needs to find data that is most appropriate in terms of information available, size and other factors. 

Every day a huge amount is data is generated on internet. To our help there are few open data sources that are free to use. This data can be in raw form which might need further processing. But to start with the process and to get a data set, one could visit below mentioned sites that provides data for free: 

  1. Kaggle
  2. UCI machine learning repository

Know more about them at :


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Briefing Data Science

After Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the next most emerging field in todays world is the field of Data Science. It is said to be the cousins of AI and ML and mainly deals with data. It intakes data, uses processes, algorithms and scientific methods to extract knowledge and valuable data from large data sets. This field is need of each and every type of organization. Whether it be business or an IT firm, every organization needs data for improvement. Thus, outcomes from the processing of data are further used for decision making and for improving current functioning.

People often gets confused between Data Science, Data Analytics and Big Data. The key difference between them is that Data Analytics and Big Data are components of Data Science. Data Science extract values from the output of Data Analytics and Big Data to solve problems.
The goal of Data Science is to extract business-focused insights from business. This could help organizations in many ways.

Read more about this topic at:

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Myths About Machine Learning

Every day a new problem statements emerges in the field of technology and machine learning proves to be a solution in most cases. These days, we tend to find smart solutions for our problems and machine learning is the backbone for the same. Thus, we can correctly state that Machine Learning has already invaded in our lives in some way or another.

However, with the emergence of machine learning, misunderstanding and misconceptions associated with it enters the field. There are few common myths about what and what not machine learning can do. Few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Machine Learning is AI
  2. All data is useful
  3. Anyone can build machine learning system
  4. Reinforcement learning is ready to use
  5. Machine learning will replace people

One could achieve better results if he avoids these common myths.

To read more about this, visit:


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Interested in AI? Have A Career in It!

With advancement of technology, one field that will be highly demanded in upcoming years is turning up to be Artificial Intelligence. It is bringing changes that is transforming the world. AI comes with its sub streams such as data mining, machine learning, neural networks etc. This field has already become the area of interest for many programmers and developers. However, still there are not many developers in this stream. 

Schools, Colleges and Organizations have started providing courses on AI. It is one of the best career option. But Artificial Intelligence is just a main stream. One should have a clear mind about his career opportunities. Following are few options you can opt if interested in Artificial Intelligence and want to have a career towards it:

  1. A.I. Research Scholar
  2. A.I. based Software Developer
  3. Data Scientist
  4. Machine Learning Engineer
  5. Automation Engineer

To know more about them visit:


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Prevention in Data Sciences

The buzzwords in technology are no new to someone. Whether it be Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Sciences or Analytics, each of these are invading in our lives promising us better future. However, it is believed that expertise interested in data sciences are not widely spread. Data Sciences is a field that can improve business, can help in other technological fields, can help in decision making and more. 

It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure. A wrong step in data sciences can affect the decisions and the results. One should avoid the following mistakes while dealing with data:

  1. Assuming your data is ready to use and all you need
  2. Not exploring your data set before starting work
  3. Not using control group to test your new data model in action
  4. Starting with targets rather than hypotheses
  5. Automating without monitoring the final outcome

To study mistakes like these read


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Mixture of Business and AI!

Artificial Intelligence is the trend and need of this hour. It has already found its applications in many fields. This technology is changing and improving the world at a tremendous speed and for our betterment. There is no doubt that AI is future. However not many of us knows its basic application in Business. Business needs time to time changes to meet the requirements. AI can help and change business in many ways.

Top five way in how Artificial Intelligence can help and upgrade your business are:

    1. Cheaper Analytics
    2. Hiring
    3. Customization
    4. Anticipation 
    5. Security

Know more about it at:


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Chatbots At Their Best

Chatbots and AI are being reshaped everyday for a better outcome. They are available 24/7 for specialized customer service. They are better at engaging with customers. They are intelligent and hence can provide support to customers. Chatbots provide many advantages with their highly-capable functionalities. Find out all of them at:


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Artificial Intelligence at your Service

In the current scenario, AI is a big game changer in customer service, interaction and transitions. It uses data to effectively target the right audience with right content for best consumer experience. It has made Customer Relationship Management smarter then ever. AI-enabled chatbots render an ideal customer success paradigm. AI uses knowledge-base for customer success team. It improves customer success automation. Read more at:


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Artificial Intelligence in Video Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has played a major role in video marketing since always, and it always will. Producing numerous new algorithms to find the related videos for the customer is one of the key features of AI in video marketing. Increasing the reach of video, making more people engage to it, and many more advantages of AI makes it one of the key components in video marketing. Read more at:


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AI Can Do More Than Just Playing Games

Artificial Intelligence has always been an integral part of the gaming world. When we play a single player game, against computer, who actually is playing against us, it is the artificial intelligence. But the role of AI may extend further, it may be used for mitigating the risk of fraud. They may help in building better relationships with the long-time gaming customer. So, have you ever wondered about  the future of AI in gaming industry? Find out at:


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Galaxy Recognition and AI

Deep Learning, the subset of AI which helps in Image Recognition, Speech Recognition and much more. Now, it may also be useful in analyzing images of the galaxy and help us find out how they were evolving. Recently, a group of researchers, trained a deep learning program using galaxy simulations that helped in analyzing the images of the galaxy from the Hubble Space Telescope. Read more at:


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Chatbots Are Here to Stay

Artificial Intelligence has come to a new dawn. The future truly relies on AI. From Eliza to Google Assistant, AI chatbots have come a long way now. But how are they helping to strengthen the marketing efforts. Find out at:


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Dawn of Dr Robot

We may be decades away from robots attending us at the hospitals, but the influence of AI technology in the medical field have arrived. It’s a known fact that in AI, Machine Learning (ML) is considered to be the best approach but most of the AI solutions concerning medical sectors are not an example of ML. They are generally using the algorithms that are created by humans. Then what exactly is happening with AI in the Medical Field?


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