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Three Steps for Business Automation

Digitalization has become a global movement and initiatives are being set to accelerate the rate of adoption. 2030 has been declared as the target and many initiatives are already on their road. One such automation process that can that can change everything significantly is the business automation process. From improving customer experience to cutting down cost, business automation has the power to help the firm grow. 

However, automation efforts are only beneficial if the CIOs make right investments and decisions. It is often seen that with a wish to automate, many leaders often make wrong decisions which could cost them potentially higher than excepted.

The three business goals that investments in automation will help are:

  1. Digitalize and optimize operation
  2. Create and act upon advanced insights
  3. Drive business technology innovation.

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Big Data Innovations of 2018

Organizations should plan to handle data more efficient ways and therefore have better insights to gather from it. This article, looks at the trends that are sure to shape 2018 when it comes to big data. They are: Machine Learning, pay as you go applications, integration, automation, shared knowledge and innovation with better speed. Read more at:



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How are CRM systems beneficial to start-ups?

Many a times start-ups fail due to internal communication problems or lack of knowledge on work processes. Here customer relationship management (CRM) systems have an important role to play to manage and promote early growth of the businesses. Here are a few advantages of a CRM system for a start-up business:-

1. Access to automation process by an integrated CRM system saves time and money.

2. CRM is a beneficial tool for marketing as it can handle email marketing communications, following up with sales leads and continuing to promote the messages of the business.

3. CRM enables to tailor the data and make meaningful analysis for the businesses.

4. CRM provides a personalised first-class customer experience that makes a start-up unique from others.

To continue the business in the long run it is very important to have a service system that provides automation process, stores customer information and improves marketing efforts.

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Advancements in Robotics

Rapid development in robotics may lead automation in contact centers all over the world. Humans are still considered as the most critical part of good customer experience, but according to experts recent development in robotics will soon become enough smart to answer any type of analytical queries. But such automation process may not prove so effective in case of buying behavior of customers because that demands more grasp in communication skill and knowledge in language. A customer may prefer the ease, comfort and simplicity of technology which cannot be delivered by the robot, although they can be designed with millions of information and complicated critical reasoning skill. So there is a scope of continuous development by learning from mistakes and thus automated answering system can be efficient, fast and accurate to minimize customer complaints.

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