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Analytics in Retail

Like others, retailers also require advanced analytics to compete in the digitalized marketplace. With the expansion of Internet of Things (IoT), the effect of multichannel retailers will increase as they will start using advanced analytics. Advanced analytics, the analysis of data kinds using sophisticated quantitative methods that produce insights unlike the traditional approaches to business intelligence (BI).  These advanced analytics tools put information in the hands of business analysts and business users offering significant potential to create business value and competitive advantage. The need to improve real-time business decision-making will force retailers to acquire self-service and big data discovery capabilities. Read more at:

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Big Data- Is it too big to reach?

Big data is a popular term used to describe the exponential growth of structured and unstructured data. Despite of such an understanding by business organizations, according to a survey, second annual analytic usage, trends, and future initiatives report, 75 percent of businesses have yet to reach big data production. However, just 12.6 percent of respondents said their company has completed several big data projects that are now in production. Drew Rockwell (Lavastorm CEO)said “It’s organizations that go the next level by removing complexities from the analytics process and empowering others in the organization, namely business analysts, who are going to be able to turn data insights into actionable business enhancements for long-term success.” According to another survey, one concern for executives who are experimenting with big data is a shortage of expertise in that field. With a lack of big data skills, organizations are reluctant to take the plunge since a clear ROI immediately available. Without being open to a little disruption, organizations will have a much more difficult time adapting to changing consumer mindsets. Businesses should conduct their own research and see what options best fit their needs. Read more at:

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