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Changes in Data Analytics over a decade.

The last decade saw the massive growth of big data. During that time, all the technologies did not change but there have been a lot of transformations. Cloud analytics, uses a range of analytical tools to help companies extract information from a massive amount of data and present it in a form that is readily available via web browser, has become popular among the companies with the emerging new data sources. With the need to store and process big data, a whole constellation of open source software such as Hadoop emerged, which is used to store and do a basic processing on big data and is also cheaper than a data warehouse for similar volumes of data. Scripting languages like Hive, Pig, and Python along with many open source tools like Spark are gaining much popularity. Read more at:


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IoT data analysis for business intelligence

To analyze and harness the data properly, businesses are now using a technique called IoT that will that will leverage the data internally as well externally. Organizations are using IoT data technology for profit maximization, for efficiency and also for decision making. Cloud computing help business by IoT method. Therefore, business intelligence must be brought up with continues method. Read more at:

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