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Why customer satisfaction is important in business

Earlier, customer satisfaction was not the top priority for businesses, but customers nowadays are dependent more on digital environment and this has changed everything. Now, a discontented customer can leave a negative comment on social media or a review and that can have a direct impact on an organization’s image. That is why it is important to make business strategy surrounding customers. This article link explains what customer satisfaction is and how to measure it so that you can improve it. Read more at:


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Customer centricity with CRM

The goal of customer-centric CRM is to improve customer value. Every customer is unique and their needs are also different. Organizations should customize their services and products according to customer needs, for gaining customer loyalty. A customer's contribution towards the net profit of a company determines the customer value. Customer loyalty is the most important thing for any company. Surveys will them to measure loyalty. Customer identification and prioritization is also important as it helps to identify customers that provide the most value. There should be well-planned strategies for customer acquisition and retention. Customer-centric CRM can improve revenue, decrease costs and enhance the customer experience of a company. For more read article written by Inside-CRM :


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