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Machine learning applies artificial intelligence to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning applications are generally applied to those areas which involve processing lots of a data; a field where humans aren’t well-equipped. Machine learning applies discovered insights in ways that can optimize the customer experience. Chatbots provide effective solutions by stimulating an interaction with a customer service representative or resolving simple inquiries. Machine learning helps chatbots learn when to give specific responses, from where to gather necessary information and most importantly when they should hand off a conversation to a human agent. Virtual assistants, with the help of machine learning focus on specific areas where they can provide assistance to the customers. In order to continually optimize, customer service needs measurable analytics. Machine learning can help add a predictive element to support analytics. Thus machine learning helps in delivering better customer experiences. Read more at:

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Updating Healthcare Marketing Technique is Mandatory

According to the author, the updated healthcare marketing has to be more value based, data driven and customer centric. In the coming years, success rate and customer experience are likely to decide the fate of the companies. Real world data with economic outcomes can demonstrate a brand’s value. New marketing techniques will require- 1. Quick and effective marketing activities. 2. Use of advanced technologies and analytics for finding valuable insights from data. 3. Provision of better and innovative customer experiences, which will maximize brand value. 4. Collaborating with partners to create unique solutions.

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