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How to attract first-time customers to second purchase?

Customers who have made purchases with a business once, make up a significant chunk of customer database. The second purchase is a key milestone in the customer journey. Now, using data, certain areas should be focused on first time customers that can help to push these customers into their second purchase. They are:

• A varied basket – with items from multiple departments – doubles the chances that a customer will make a second purchase.

• By offering discounts.

• Returns predict a higher customer lifetime value.

Optimizing these above factors can attract many customers on a long term basis. Read more at


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Optimization of Digital Marketing

The cost of acquiring customer base is very high in the first 12-24 months of business incorporation because we do not know the  characteristics of our target group .This is why Cost to Income Ratio (CIR) is high. To lower CIR we need to collect transactional data, website data and logistics data. Having the data for 8-12 months we can understand the characteristics of existing customers by building up a model and selecting significant variables having an impact. Running a classification algorithm would fine-tune our target group. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) depicts the quality of customers. Customers with higher CLV would help business to grow.Read more at:


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