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Are we learning data science the right way?

In the words of Favio Vazquez, “Data Science is not just knowing some programming languages,math,statistics and having domain knowledge.’’Data science enables a person to evaluate the data and predict the present and future of the world. The solution to the optimization problems must add value to the business or organization. Mastering the craft is what it takes to be a successful data scientist. Having a good knowledge of statistics or math is never enough; practicing hard so that one can apply the tools to solve real business problem is the key. Interpretation is an important part of data science. Through modeling, we can decode the complex data and transform it into something useful and simple. Finally questioning and analyzing our understanding make us better learners.  Read more at:

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CRM and Success

Every business wants to flourish and stay ahead of the competition. This why they are so keen to develop ways to increase their efficiency. Well CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool does is one way to achieve the same. CRM is solution based software that enhances the relationship between customers and employees. Its power comes from its knowledge base about the customers of the company.  It constantly gathers and interprets customer data and give insights into how serve them best. Read the complete article here:

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