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Guide To Strategize Better Content Marketing!

Content Marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategy. Despite its effectiveness very few businesses know how to utilize it efficiently. To build a solid content marketing you must set KPIs and project ROIs wisely. Comments, page views, bounce rate, average time spent on your page, social sharing and keyword ranking are crucial KPIs to determine your content marketing success. An editorial calendar on the other hand helps you stay updated with the overall progress of your company’s brand story. Whom you hire for content marketing must have a good understanding of how to be professional and courteous along with innovation and creativity. The attempt should be to extract more value out of it. Your content should be promising and trustworthy. Tracking analytics and documenting all processes help you improve the content. To use educational and entertaining contents for increasing the customer conversion rate is the optimal way to utilize content marketing. Read more at:


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Social Media Analytics and It’s Tools

Before we start discussing about Tools for Social Media Analysis, first of all we have to know what social media analytics is? Instead of thinking it as a noun, take it as a verb. Precisely, it's gathering data from social platforms to help guide marketing strategy.

# the process begins with the prioritizing goals.

# The second step is determining key performance indicators (KPIs) i.e. likes and shares your posts receives, replies and comments, and more importantly the clicks your links and content earn analysis.

Now, as the definition is clear, we will directly come to the social media analytic tools. To read more, follow:

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Measuring project success using business KPI's

Delivering business value requires proper understanding of the business various drivers. Driver can be a problem or opportunity which is associated with the project and relates the key variable to address the problem. Prioritization and listing of key indicators are very essential at the beginning of the project for proper decision making. The article mainly talks about few key performance indicators and also contains a list of 75 KPIs that every manager needs to know developed by Bernard Marr, a well-known performance management expert. Please go through the link for more details:

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