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Companies and Relationship Intelligence

How do companies attract and engage new clients while making sure the existing clients are happy? The simple answer to this question is, manage.

However, you will not find many executives who would respond to this conjecture candidly. You will, however, find plenty of companies that take the “we manage” approach with one of its most valuable assets: relationships.

While running any enterprise technology company, we’ve seen just how consistently data can be used to help improve sales. But we do know, all its good intentions to provide sales managers with a way to monitor pipeline and sales activity, CRM is still hugely inefficient. Representatives are required to spend time manually entering data, and then spend more time searching through it. While senior management clearly values the ability to monitor these representatives through CRM, the vast majority of sales people dislike the extra work and overhead it creates and generally use CRM begrudgingly – and rarely to its full potential.

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