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Mobile analytics to make Data analysis easier

Nowadays a new set of tools is developed to help business users visualize data and interact with it in real time. One may think of mobile reporting as a good device for business but it is not good enough indeed and we need analytics tools too. Mobile analytics can be quite different from traditional business intelligence, in fact, and may even change the way you work with data comfortably behind the desk. Three basic aspects of mobile analytics are- For any application, the touch interface makes the difference between mobile and desktop environments. It encourages exploration. It is possible to make interactive areas large enough to touch through a mobile device. Mobile analytics also demands responsive interface design and the analysis must work across many devices. A responsive interface supports many form factors and one’s BI platform if designed for mobile ought to handle these scenarios generically. Mobile analytics also helps in speedy discovery and facilitates an interactive experience which is touch-enabled. These practices not only enable, but encourage exploration.

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