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Irrespective of the business size, employees are always on the front lines of the company’s cybersecurity. Based on studies, it has been concluded that two out of three cybersecurity incidents occur because of employee negligence. Employees can be the company’s best defense or its biggest liability. Therefore, cybersecurity training is very important. Employees tend to reuse the same password everywhere. This is a risky practice making it easier for sensitive information to go in the wrong hands. Company Policies must ensure that employees change their passwords every few months. Moreover employees should be taught to spot phishing attempts, including spelling and grammatical errors, suspicious attachments, request for personal information, free offers etc. Sometimes just visiting a site can infect the entire network. In order to maintain security, employees should be taught to hover over the links before clicking on them to see the actual URL; if it looks suspicious it would be best to avoid it. Thus as we see, untrained employees can be the biggest cybersecurity threat. Hence companies should shore up their security systems, starting right from its employees. Read more at:

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