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Showcase your talent at a hackathon!


If you belong to the world of Data, hackathon is not a new word to you. Several organizations host hackathons online but how do you pick the right one for yourself? Especially if you are a beginner?

What you do in a hackathon is only an easier version of what your job as a data scientist would require. From personal experience, Kaggle community is a boon to budding aspirants! It does wonders in enhancing one’s skillset by providing a competitive exposure.

The dataset on Kaggle and other platforms is created for the purpose of competitions and giving the participants a taste of work that data scientists are expected to do. However, real world data is much messier than what you would work with on these platforms. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to polish and upgrade your skills.

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Finding new jobs is now much easier online

Social media is a crucial tool to promote personal brands in today's marketplace to reflect a strong skillset online to be considered a top candidate. Creating and sharing insightful, industry-specific content on social media is much more useful now than having a resume as writing is still considered to be a valuable skill while reading articles on the industry can vastly expand knowledge. Clearly defining one's position in the marketplace is crucial. Focusing on only 2-3 social channels, befriending other professionals and repurposing content strategically are cornerstones of promoting personal brands online today. Read more at:


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