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Three Simple Ways to Ensure Cloud Success

The cloud, as we know is a strong rival for contact center technology today. In this blog, we discuss three critical steps for cloud success. First, constructing a good Statement of Work (SoW) is of utmost importance. You need to define requirements, address functionality, integration, training, etc. Here a little planning can bear fruits in the long run. Second is to explore what the vendor is committed to deliver on Service Level Agreements (SLA's), what they can and can't control, how will they respond, how will they track and report on SLA's. Lastly, it is very important to define the proper vendor management role and who will provide it, whether in the center or in IT. The Vendor Manager needs some technical aptitude and great communication skills as the liaison between the business areas, IT and vendor. Read more at:


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SLA's in Cloud Based CRM Solutions

In a recent research it was found that cloud-based CRM solutions account for 47% of deployments due to their price accessibility, ease of deployment, and integration with other cloud-based applications. If your CRM doesn’t work properly, most of the departments will find difficult to operate. A thorough service level agreement (SLA) is a necessary part of protecting your business operations. There are a few key areas you need covered. Read more at:



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