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How are CRM systems beneficial to start-ups?

Many a times start-ups fail due to internal communication problems or lack of knowledge on work processes. Here customer relationship management (CRM) systems have an important role to play to manage and promote early growth of the businesses. Here are a few advantages of a CRM system for a start-up business:-

1. Access to automation process by an integrated CRM system saves time and money.

2. CRM is a beneficial tool for marketing as it can handle email marketing communications, following up with sales leads and continuing to promote the messages of the business.

3. CRM enables to tailor the data and make meaningful analysis for the businesses.

4. CRM provides a personalised first-class customer experience that makes a start-up unique from others.

To continue the business in the long run it is very important to have a service system that provides automation process, stores customer information and improves marketing efforts.

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Social CRM for Startups

For every start-up, customer engagement and promoting their brand is a big challenge. So if your business is in the start-up stage, integration of social media in your CRM will give you enormous opportunities to grow your business.

Social media in CRM aka Social CRM on cloud gives an extra edge to your business as engaging with your target audience will be limitless and creating brand communities which helps in monitoring and analysing customer’s demands will be very easy.

Here are the 5 benefits of having social CRM in your start-up -:

1.      Discover opportunities to engage with customers

2.      Monitor your notifications

3.      Real time updates in your customer contact records

4.      Integrate your marketing software and your contact records

5.      Share customer messages

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What a business plan should consist of?

Business Plan is a systematic evaluation of the business goals, the reasons behind attaining them and tailoring a plan to reach up to them. The reason for the failure of many businesses is that they don't start with a business plan. It is essential as it helps in realizing the vision of next 2 to 5 years. So the start- up can always keep a check whether they are proceeding in the right direction. Must haves of a business plan are: Business Overview, Market Analysis, Marketing Strategy, and Financial Information. Before you start writing your business plan, you should honestly evaluate yourself and decide if your business idea has a good chance of success. Write down about how you intend to make money, what will be your business model. Start with your company description. A thorough description of the business environment and analysis of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats supports its marketing strategy. Financial information, gives the details of how the company will run the finances in the upcoming years. Read more at:  :

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Things to know about PaaS

In the last few years, the PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) market has seen an explosion. Organizations are now looking forward to receiving, processing, storing and scaling data and PaaS is making all these possible. Here are five things one should know about PaaS:

(i) PaaS benefits not only start-ups but also other organizations. 

(ii) PaaS platforms differ widely with different architecture and languages. Applications can be developed in languages tailor-made to suit the needs of individual businesses.

(iii) PaaS and DevOps (software developed in response to an interdependence of software developers and other IT professionals) intersects at the point of delivery. Thus, both can work together.

(iv)  PaaS is a safe and secure option for storing and processing data. It also supports important security standards.

(v) PaaS serves as one of the critical components for building applications for IoT. Read more at:


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