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All About User Experience and Customer Experience

Proper call centers must have an efficient balance between customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX). UX is the experience with the product, while CX is the review of the interaction with the brand. UX is a subset of CX. CX envelopes a wider scope of experiences. A bad UX with a good CX can be seen as a good experience overall, but a bad CX and a good UX is seen as a bad experience. Despite covering wider area, CX has some dependence on UX as well. Firms should aim at optimum CX, involving best UX via its services. Read more at:


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All about User Experience Design

User Experience Design or UX, is more than a concept. It is an intelligent approach to website design. UX designers think more scientifically and build frameworks for websites, assisting the transition between users’ needs and expectations from websites. There are four key fundamentals of user experience design: Information architecture (IA), Interaction design, Usability, and Visual design. Read more at:



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Website UX: An Important Online Brand Building Tool

Today’s era is Online Era. Online brands are emerging day in and day out. There’s a lot of competition in this sector with thousands of startups growing. Amidst this competition, how do you plan to make your brand stand out? The answer to this is an interactive User Experience via websites that are the face of these brands. Website user experience (UX) is important in forming brand perceptions. By tailoring this experience according to the needs of the customers, a brand can easily win their loyalty.

Greg Zapar, Director of User Experience at Wire Stone, in his article at has shared four key points to keep top-of-mind when optimizing your website’s UX to drive value for your customers. They are:

  • Every Touchpoint Matters
  • UX and Content are One
  • Aim for the Middle
  • Visualize Everything

To understand them in detail, please visit the following link:

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User Experience: An Insight

User Experience, also known as UX has become important and it impacts everything from app design to social media. UX designers work with digital marketing teams and this will only increase in 2015. Digital marketers will benefit when working with the UX design teams as it will provide loads of ideas that revolves around how they position the product for sale and marketing. Tara Lifland (Content marketing manager), writes in her article about why UX is important and where. Read more at:




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