SBV & SKV, Peeragarhi Village

SBV & SKV, Peeragarhi Village

Albert Einstein once said "Creativity is intelligence having fun."

This is not just a quote but the reality of what we experienced today. Here's a short report:
Summer camps are a means of having fun while learning. This year Delhi Govt. has also given a special focus to this part of education by organizing summer camps in various schools and their motto is "Thodi Masti, Thodi Padhai". This has truly been a successful initiative.

Recognizing this, we at SigmaWay, decided to contribute our bit to this development initiative. Today, that's 31st May, our CSR initiative - Light and Love - reached students of Sarvodya Bal Vidyalaya and Sarvodya Kanya Vidyalaya at Peeragarhi Village. There, creativity was reflected in every little thing. Students showed us their beautiful creations, we had short quizzes, poems, songs and also a discusion about advertisements which ended with small on the spot ads.

The kind of ideas that one gets to hear from around 100 sixth class students are amazing and such summer camps are a medium to bring them forward. To give a push to this creativity, the SigmaWay team distributed art and craft kits to these young minds. In the kit, we had included scrap book, origami sheets, water colors, sketch pens and a pencil set. Students were really happy to get these gifts and were already planning on how to use it.

Today, we experienced intelligence having so much fun that it gave our hearts an inner satisfaction and a motive to do more in this area.


02 June 2017


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