Sai Vridha Ashram

A plant grows well when it's roots are nurtured. Similarly, a family and hence, a society grows and flourishes when it's elders are cared for. This is the basic truth for any society in this world. But, sometimes, in the name of progress and generation gap, people tend to forget these values.

They leave their parents and grandparents on roads, out of their homes, to fend for themselves in the last stage of their lives. That stage, when they expect care and love, they receive betrayal. Money and property become more important. Greed preceeds family.

Such a situation is a black spot on the face of earth. Values need to be reinstigated in our generation. Meanwhile, it's not the fault of those old people who are made to suffer by their children. In Delhi, to provide a home and family to such people, Mr. Tarkeshwar Singh and his wife Partima Devi started a small initiative 11 years ago - Sai Vridha Ashram. Here, they provide the elderly a space to live, food, medication and above all a new set of friends that turn into family. At any particular time, around 40-50 elder people who have been left out by their own families, live here.

Running this place is not an easy task.With huge amount of bills every month and no help from the Government, this place works on the basis of whatever the society contributes. As part of this society, SigmaWay contributed it's little share - an amount of Rs. 5100 to make a difference to the financial burden on this great initiative.

We also appeal to other members of our community to contribute to this initiative and most importantly, take care of your own family elders. After all, this is what light and love is all about. :)




09 June 2017


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