Mack Collier

Making Social Media and Content Marketing Easier
  1. Repurposing content means to get multiple uses out of one piece of content. For instance, it could mean writing a long blog post, then repurposing that blog post into a white paper, or a podcast episode, or an infographic. Repurposing content is especially important for companies with a smaller content team, where every piece of […]
  2. It seems everything is political during an election year. There was a great reminder of this recently when a ‘political activist’ dug through the old tweets of Dominoes on Twitter and somehow found a tweet from 2012 where Domino’s was thanking a customer for tweeting a compliment to the brand. So what? This brand did […]
  3. Adversity doesn’t create character, it reveals it. I had my first exposure to what could be called a ‘social network’ when I joined in 1991  I have two main memories of being a Prodigy member: The users were insanely nice and courteous There were very few users I remember there being many message boards […]
  4. I try to avoid discussing politics in any shape, form or fashion here, but this story is too interesting to pass up, For well over a year now, Twitter has been tip-toeing toward adding functionality that allows the platform to censor the content of tweets. Much of their ‘managing the conversation’ initiative was building toward […]
  5. One of my hobbies is collecting autographed footballs from former Alabama teams. Often, former teams will have a 25th anniversary or even 50th anniversary reunion, and I like to attend these when I can and get members from that team to sign a football for me. I attended one of these reunions for a team […]

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