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Internet of Things : Impact on Social Media & Branding


Nowadays with the wide use of "SMART" objects , the task of the marketing departments is to communicate this information to the consumers so that they not only understand but adopt. The success of marketing and incorporation of the Internet Of Things depends on how the information is disseminated which helps the consumers understand the ins and outs of the technology and its use.  A sudden change is more preferred than a gradual change, especially where technology is concerned. Social Media incorporates some of these technologies like smart vending machines, video media advertising, etc. that paves the way for the future.  In addition to social media messaging, the following methods are used to educate consumers  :  webliners, videos, online presentations, white papers. Read more at   http://www.socialmediatoday.com/technology-data/elizabethvictor/2015-05-28/internet-things-and-implications-social-and-branding

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