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Efficient Use of Human Capital

Financial capital is relatively abundant as compared to human capital. Inspired employees are rare who are capable of making a difference. Thus, inspired employees are an asset to companies. Both financial capital and human capital can be maintained efficiently by following these steps.

1. Measure human capital using productive power index.

2. Invest equally in human capital and financial capital. Consider the opportunity cost of time and talent.

3. Monitor it by measuring the actual and expected results.

4. Productive employees should be rewarded to inspire them.

Read more at http://www.humanresourcesonline.net/how-can-we-manage-human-capital-as-well-as-we-manage-financial-capital/





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Better customer service leads to better crisis management opportunities

Unless one puts in the effort of being beside their customers they can never receive helpful word of mouth. In times of crisis if employees want to protect the company's reputation, they should instil a customer service culture, then empower staffs for making decisions, and perform properly in case of a problem. In times of crisis a briefing should be done to the frontline staffs about the crisis, which is a part of the crisis communication plan. This approach helps protecting one's reputation. Words of support from the directly affected people provides opportunity to enhance one's reputation further. There is no formula for gaining goodwill and loads of satisfied tweets and Facebook posts from customers. Frontline staffs as brand ambassadors and crisis communicators and hard work only pleases customers and satisfies them. Read more at:http://managementhelp.org/blogs/crisis-management/2010/12/13/crisis-management-customer-service/ 

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How to develop project management skills

Skills required for project management cannot be achieved overnight. It comes automatically with experience and practice. As we handle more projects, our skills get enhanced and we work more efficiently and smoothly. To read more about this aspect, visit Sabrina Hanapiah's article link: http://www.aits.org/Articles/tabid/1450/ArticleId/10330/How-to-Develop-Project-Management-Skills.aspx/uid/10535

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