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Discovery Analytics: Hacking or R&D

There had been a misconception that discovery analytics is hacking. Every discovery process involves going through some data, analyzing it, making some conclusion. So why would some people judge it as Hacking? Highly prioritized business problems that occur in mind led to discovery process. After having some discussion the major component which addresses the problem is analytics. Analytics brings up the new ideas that could be solution to the business problems. One can have analytics as the strategic component of his business; just the requirement is that he has to invest in analytics like other components say core products and services that his company provides. Discovery analytics cannot be considered as hacking than any other research and development activities are. But truly speaking both of them are the same. The products sold in the market have to go through some background processes that are invisible to buyers. Huge investment, many trials and experiments are required to get a finished product. Discovery analytics are much similar to that. Not all attempts will give appropriate results, but if choosing the right doors it will result in high level of strategic value. Most of the people are familiar with R&D because it is viewed as rational, scientific, disciplined approach to developing new ideas and products. An analytics R&D function can be built just by letting few number of human and technology resources to address only a few critical business problems. When you get positive results, apply it to more number of problems. If every thing goes in right direction then we will get a stable and well functioning analytics research and development function. Read more at:

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Wednesday, 03 June 2020
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