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relevance of AI in governance, risk and compliance

All organizations face pressure to improve performance. This is difficult as there exists risks which reshapes the businesses. As the risks become more intertwined, managing them becomes difficult and leads to chaos. GRC helps the businesses to achieve task of managing everything under one umbrella. GRC helps simplify the complex and huge data. Most businesses are implementing AI systems to speed up the investment decisions. Systems will be able to automatically collect data from various data streams and channels. Also analyze it against the company’s existing datasets and operations, making suggestions regarding the changes. As technology evolves, algorithms improves and probability of errors reduce. Cyber risk is a new threat. As companies face greater pressure a more advanced GRC technology is to be adopted. Read more at: http://www.itproportal.com/features/the-road-ahead-the-coming-rise-of-artificial-intelligence-in-governance-risk-and-compliance/


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Customer obsessed operating model: A key to deliver better service to customers

"Your strategies and budget on business technology agenda-technologies, systems, and processes to win, serve and retain customers"- Kyle McNabb (Vice President of Research Strategy at Forrester Research). In the age of customer era, all B2C organizations need to find ways to meet the needs of the customers.  They are also forming customer-obsessed operating model which focuses on customer loyalty, innovation and growth.

In his article “Building A Customer-Obsessed Operating Model,” suggested some ways to make a customer obsessed operating model:
• Investment in new skills like analytics and big data.
• Rethink your process and try to apply agile in your entire organization.
• Re-engineer your systems.
• Modify governance.
• Transformation of organizational culture into more customer-oriented culture.
Read more at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/forrester/2015/05/26/building-a-customer-obsessed-operating-model/

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Social media: Influencing on the Legal Realm

An article by Kayla Minguez, Jr. Online PR Specialist of WebpageFX, conveys that there are certain ethical boundaries that define the law industry and some people may argue social media hasn't exactly made ethical dilemmas easy to solve. This article also tells us about how social media has impacted legal proceedings, and what that means for legal experts or even members of a jury.


To know more visithttp://socialmediatoday.com/kayla-minguez/2410876/social-media-and-its-influence-legal-realm



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