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Effects of organization culture

In today's world, maintaining a company's culture is the most important thing that should be kept in mind during an expansion. Communication can happen across different time zone. Expansion can lead to many problems like, poor communication or communication breakdown which in turn may affect company culture. For overcoming these situations, companies can take the help of some tools to preserve and enhance your culture. They are:

1. Videoconferencing,

2. Social Networking,

3. Collaborative tools such as Google docs, Mind Meister.

In short, by effectively coordinating collaborative technologies your organization culture can thrive. Read more at: http://www.business2community.com/business-innovation/technology-can-save-company-culture-expansion-01810807#VcKudEFscr36wuVI.97

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Customer obsessed operating model: A key to deliver better service to customers

"Your strategies and budget on business technology agenda-technologies, systems, and processes to win, serve and retain customers"- Kyle McNabb (Vice President of Research Strategy at Forrester Research). In the age of customer era, all B2C organizations need to find ways to meet the needs of the customers.  They are also forming customer-obsessed operating model which focuses on customer loyalty, innovation and growth.

In his article “Building A Customer-Obsessed Operating Model,” suggested some ways to make a customer obsessed operating model:
• Investment in new skills like analytics and big data.
• Rethink your process and try to apply agile in your entire organization.
• Re-engineer your systems.
• Modify governance.
• Transformation of organizational culture into more customer-oriented culture.
Read more at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/forrester/2015/05/26/building-a-customer-obsessed-operating-model/

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Hitting the jackpot: take culture along with big data analytics

Today, every company is talking about Big Data, but there is also an important thing to consider - that is organizational culture. As high technology companies are embracing Big Data, the direct beneficiaries will be their IT professionals – who will have the opportunity to outshine themselves. Companies need to look for new generation talents who can handle latest challenges keeping in tune with the advancement of Big Data technologies.  With bright futures ahead, big data can make a scope in every aspect – be it scientific research, medical science, or any data driven industry, companies and their IT professionals can see a silver line. To see increased productivity and boost profitability, what is required is the right mix of big data tools, vendor support and IT talent team.

To know how organizations can earn the feather cap by using big data analytics tools, taking alongside the cultural change, read at http://midsizeinsider.com/en-us/article/big-data-analytics-success-through-cult .

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